amna | آمنہ (she/her)

Being queer is a blessing - it forced me to think critically about the heteronormative nature of my culture and upbringing, and understand the world in a way I might not otherwise have. It allowed me to make choices that are out of reach for most Pakistani Muslim women, because the only way to be authentic in my life was to embrace my queerness in all its full and joyous capacity.

raveena | रवीना (she/her/they)

queerness without my culture is futile. I live and breathe as a queer panjabi woman, removing my sexuality from whiteness and colonialsim gives me strength and courage to understand my queerness in all its complexity and through its evolution. I give thanks to fifteen year old raveena, who had the courage to support my journey through coming out, through discovering queer politics and living as my pure self. being queer enables me to see the world through my own eyes.