neela | नीला


neela | नीला


meaning blue. queer south asian existence complex, painful and neela. how we experience the world, love and community makes us beautiful and resilient. this photoseries explores the duality and symbiosis of being queer and brown. I wanted to portray the ornateness and extravagance of south asian cultures, showing the subjects interacting with traditional and regal elements of our cultures against a backdrop of blue.


blue represents regality and sorrow - feelings we experience as we grow as queer women and non-binary south asians. longing gazes, tender touches, an affinity for beauty and connection to queerness and culture through family, jewellery, fruit and music are what adds gold lining to our neela.


This photoseries was shot on Gadigal Land at The Photo Studio, and this project was created by raveena grover in collaboration with:


- ammar jamal // photographer

- manjurah sn // henna and sari artist

- kripa krithivasan // make up artist