baal | बाल


A photoseries showcasing the practises, beauty and ubiquity of hair on South Asian bodies. Each image displays areas of the body where hair grows and is seen as a conventional or controversial beauty trope in the mainstream. My idea for this project was to disregard the western gaze and not just embrace, but normalise and romanticise hair on South Asian bodies. It provides warmth, traps dirt and is an innate part of our genetics and eons-long cultural practices. In chotti, I exemplify how the act of someone we love plaitting our hair is senual, sacred and soothing, while in kangi, I show how hair combing is both painful and comforting. These practices and portrayals of hair care and natural growth are part of our culture, our history, our bodies.


This photoseries was shot on Gadigal Land by sohan judge and directed and conceptualised by raveena grover.